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Privacy Policy

Use of Personal Information


This document gives information about TI’ME existing safeguards against unauthorized access to personal data through which the company protects your personal data. It includes information obtained by Timeless LLC during your service, which in accordance with Georgian law, is subsequently used only for direct marketing purposes.


The purpose of this notice is to provide you with information on the principles of working with your personal information.

Privacy of personal data

 Time guarantees that:

• TIME will take care of the security and protection of your personal data;

• Will not use your data illegally;

• Upon request, will provide you complete information about the processing of your personal data at any time.

In case of personal data provided by the Client, the Company is entitled to store / process such data for the purpose to offer news and special discounts, which is used only for the specified purpose according to Georgian legislation and for the purpose of providing the Services.

 By reviewing the Terms and Conditions when you place an order, you acknowledge that you agree to this Privacy Policy, the information you provide is accurate and true. The information that you provide is by your own will and you have all the rights and permissions required by law.

Also, you agree that you authorize the company and agree that the company's own discretion and under applicable law, at any time, from any source, to request and receive information about you, including personal data, verification, comparison, analysis, storage, processing and legal and / or contractual obligation (s) for the performance objectives.

Other Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute the binding agreement between you and Timeless LLC (hereinafter "the Company" or and your use of the Website Delivery Service.

Personal information obtained by the Company from you or from third parties will be processed in accordance with the privacy policies written below in these Terms.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of, you also agree to the privacy policy.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of using, you also agree to the time / return policy of the item.

Any customer who wishes to select an item on and use the delivery service is obliged to agree the following terms and conditions. administration reserves the right, at any time, without notifying the customers, by posting on the same website, to modify these terms.








1.       Definition of terms


1.1. The terms and definitions used in these Terms and Conditions will be explained below and used accordingly, unless the context of the Document clearly states otherwise:



1.2. Terms of Use - means these Terms, together with any other terms and / or conditions that these Terms of Use hold as part of these Terms of Use and which regulate Client-Seller relationship, including any content, features and services offered on web page;



1.3. Website - or facebook page through which the service is offered;



1.4. Client - a legal or physical person who meets the requirements of these Terms and conditions and wishes to purchase products through's platform;



1.5. and Company "Timeless" LLC, Registered in accordance with Georgian Legislation, Identification Code: 406086621 Registration Address: Tbilisi, Georgia Tbilisi, №46 Rustaveli St.



1.6. User / Users - Customer that by agreeing to these rules and / or communicates with the Company by registering on, Facebook or;



1.7. Parties - the Company and its customers together;



1.8. - a platform operated by Timeless Ltd, which also includes a Facebook page for communication;



1.9. Operation - Any operation performed by the user regarding personal account and / or services

1.10. Agreement - An agreement between Users and, including these Terms and Conditions and its Annexes, if any.











2.       Statements and Warranties


2.1   By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the User confirms that:


2.2. Is a legal entity or an adult and is obliged to sign contracts in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.



2.3. Has full (not limited) ability, is not exposed to narcotic, alcohol, psychotropic or toxic drugs, is not subject to mistake, fraud, pressure, threat or any unlawful activity and is not subject to violence, threat, cheating, misleading or otherwise prohibited or any other third person, fully understands the content of the expression of his / her will, the substance of the terms and conditions and the legal consequences thereof;



2.4. The Customer has full authority to sign and perform the obligations listed in these Terms or any of the other agreements and applications;



2.5. Has read these terms and conditions and they are acceptable to him/her;



2.6. All data provided by him/her are accurate;



2.7. The User is not involved in or engaged in any of the illegal activities (including money laundering, arms trafficking, terrorism, or other illegal activities) described by Georgian legislation (including the laws of Georgia and the laws of the country of citizenship);



2.8. For the entire period of Agreement, its activities and / or actions are / will be in accordance with local and / or international law.



2.9. His/her action is not / will not be directed to deceive and / or any third party / parties. Client confirms that all information provided or information submitted to and executed, shall also be / will be authentic, accurate and complete;



2.10. Client will fulfill the obligations fully according to above mentioned details;



2.11. Agrees that, from the date of ordering until the termination of the contract for a legitimate purpose, has right to seek / verify and process any user-specified or related information, including personal information and / or universal identifications.



2.12. The User shall promptly notify in writing at of any circumstances (s) which may conflict with his / her stated statements and / or cause termination of these warranties;



2.13. makes a contract based on the statements, warranties and liabilities mentioned above in these terms and conditions. Accordingly, if these terms are violated from client side, than has right for claiming unilateral refusal to provide all or any of the services.

















3. Settlement between and the customer



3.1. The Client may make a non-cash settlement via money transfer on bank account, which is in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


3.2. The receiver of the cashless payment is "Timeless" LLC.


3.3. The company will provide support to its customers through the Customer Service Center to solve the problem of cashless payment.


3.4. Buyer settles with by the following payment method:


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